How rich is Real Madrid Star CRISTIANO RONALDO?

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth – (How Ronaldo Become Most Marketable Footballer)

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: $450 million

  • Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer in the world with £15 million a year ($21.5m) a year after tax salary. Only Messi can match his yearly salary from club football.
  • Ronaldo is also the most endorsed footballer and currently has 4th most lucrative endorsement deal in sports with Nike worth £14.1 million a year ($21m) plus number of other deals.
  • Ronaldo also have CR7 branded has clothing and shoes lines plus his $80 million worth of CR7 hotel project in 4 different cities.
We take a look at his yearly income and potential net worth which is already over $450 million making him the most marketable athlete in the world.
Ronaldo Real Madrid Salary: Cristiano Ronaldo has a unique contract with Real Madrid where he is getting paid £288,000 a week (after tax) salary costing Real Madrid over £500,000 a week to have him in the squad.  That is massive £15 million a year ($21.5m) after tax salary more than anyone else in football making him the highest paid footballer.

Ronaldo Endorsement Deals: But his lucrative endorsement deals put his Real Madrid salary to shame. He currently has a fourth most lucrative endorsement deal in world of sport with Nike, where he is getting paid around $21.7m a year. But thats not the only endorsement deal under his belt.